Chief Executive Officer

As a serial entrepreneur, Victor Santiago has devoted his energies and skills in the last three years to developing his concept for TRANSITCARE in the successful build up and integration of technology solutions for the automotive service industry.​

​Mr. Santiago has developed significant expertise in the fields of management, sales and operations throughout his career. In various capacities he has demonstrated achievements and skills in establishing various start-up ventures. He is a multi-talented individual with wide experience across the board in account relationship management, strategic sales analysis and market planning, B2B sales and relationships, lead generation and attainment, leadership training and development, corporate administration and public speaking. Mr. Santiago has also been a successful real estate investor.​

​Between January 2000 and January 2008, Mr. Santiago founded and ran Carlyle Towers Construction Corp. his own construction company in New York. During this period for about three years, he also founded and ran Transit Care Ambulate Services. Prior to that, he was the Administrative Coordinator at Sunsational Resort Enterprise Inc. between January 1996 - January 1998.

Jay Askari is the former president of Advanced Projects International, a business consulting firm specializing in Middle Eastern oil exports. Clients of note have included Norinco, a Chinese shipping company; Gulf Group, a Cypress-based trading company; Asia Pacific Resources, a petroleum export financing concern based in Singapore; and oil exporters Atlantic Oil Holdings (UK) and OIEC (Iran).

​Dr. Askari has previously served as president and dean of Kaplan College where he was the 2005 recipient of the President Club Award and 1998 recipient of the Volunteers of America Leadership Award and as academic manager at the University of Phoenix where he was recognized eight times as the Faculty of the Month and received the 2002 Outstanding Faculty of the Year Award. He has also served as academic dean of Everest College and holds a lifetime Community College Credential from the Board of Governors of the California Community Colleges.

​Dr. Askari earned a bachelor of science (BS) in mathematics and a master of science (MS) in industrial technology and management from Eastern Michigan University, a master of science in electrical engineering (MSEE) from Wayne State University and a doctorate in business administration (DBA) from American Heritage University.

​Currently, Dr. Askari serves on the boards of directors of Pacific Shore Holdings, Inc., a distributor of consumer products; Northern Tier, a developer of alternative energy systems; Virtual Sports Training, Inc., a manufacturer of sports training equipment and software; Paradise Terra, Inc., an Internet-based trading platform for premium vacation properties; and AtmoWater, Inc., a developer of potable water production technologies.





Corporate Office Address

Transit Care Service Inc.


4767 New Broad Street

Orlando, FL 32814

United States

US Phone: (407) 219-3985

Toll Free: (855) 932-2558



executive team






Randell Young is the co-founder and managing general partner of Venture-Net Partners, a private equity investment group which includes special limited partners Uriel Sokolov, MBA, Ph.D., a former senior fellow and vice president of Raytheon Commercial Ventures; Nelson D. (Doug) Pewitt, Ph.D., the former assistant director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy in the Reagan Administration and Mario Fiori, Ph.D., former assistant secretary of the Army in the Bush Administration.

​Dr. Young has previously served as Chief Financial Officer for Web portals, Inc. and, Inc. and participated actively, as an officer and/or director, in the capitalization and development of numerous other projects including Accuray Incorporated (ARAY),manufacturer of the CyberKnife radiosurgery and Tomo radiotherapy systems; Home Shopping Latino, Inc., (HSPG) developers of America's first Spanish language shopping channel; Synodon, Inc., (SYD) developers of innovative pipeline surveillance technologies; Telephony International, Inc., a joint telecomventure with Lucent Technologies; Vista Consolidated, Inc., a manufacturer of utility truck covers; and The Orange County Blues Festival, Inc.

​A founder and former Orange County Chapter Chair of Boone Pickens' United Shareholders Association, Dr. Young has represented shareholders and, on their behalf, addressed the annual meetings of Northrup Corporation, Allergan, National Education Corporation, Community Psychiatric and Southern California Edison. Private equity partners of note have included Euro-America Partners, Jacques Vallee, Fred Adler, Al Shugart,George (Jay) Keyworth, Copernic Technologies, ZLUH Partners,Michael Jay Solomon,Good Samaritan Health System/Health Advantage Ventures, Pacific Republic Capital, Fernando Quinonez Meza, H-Quotient, Lucent Technologies, The Marubeni Group, Onix Capital and Grupo Arcano.

​Dr. Young has lectured at the graduate level on contemporary issues in venture capital at The University of Phoenix and holds a Doctorate in Music (D.Mus.) from City University Los Angeles. His Venture Capital Primer has been used by McGraw Hill's On Line Learning Center in support of its textbook Principles of Corporate Finance, Sixth Edition (Brealey & Myers)andby Harvard University in support of KSG PED-328 Community Financial Institutions and Microfinance in Theory and Practice.

​He has been the subject of interviews and articles appearing in the Los Angeles Times, The Orange County Register and the Orange County Metropolitan. His commentaries and essays have been published in the Los Angeles Times, The Orange County Register, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, The Orange County Business Journal, The Baltimore Sun and Inc. Magazine. His public equities market analyses can be found at The Motley Fool where his portfolio currently outpaces all professional fund managers and has consistently (on a daily and continuous basis) placed in the top one percent of all participants since August 2007, a span now of over 72 consecutive months.

​Currently, he serves on the boards of directors of Okeanos Technologies, developers of energy efficient desalinization processes; Colossal Storage Corporation, developers of atomic holographic optical storage nanotechnology; Green Wave Energy Corporation, manufacturers of self-sufficient energy producing products; Sprague Astronautics, developers of private space vehicles; PatientCentral Technologies, developers of interactive tools for the management of healthcare information; Pacific Robotics, designers and manufacturers of industrial robots; America's Hunting Network, developers of the Internet's first virtually-integrated hunting portal; and the Spanish language shopping channel, Home Shopping Latino, Inc. (HSPG).












Dr. Majdin H. Taba is the President of International Research Institute, an entity he established to conduct scientific research and surveys for clients in various industries. Using the latest technology driven platforms for market surveys, the firm researches customer bases to identify client expansion and growth areas. The firm also specializes in developing SWOT analysis and Strategic Planning with the specific goals and implementation processes. 

​Dr. Taba was previously the Principal of Management Services, where he worked with companies to select suppliers and vendors for their products around the world.  The firm applied technical and analytical tools, business operations techniques, and strategic planning principles to develop the supplier chains for clients, as well as conducting evaluations of suppliers’ strength, weaknesses and core competencies in their areas of expertise. 

Previously, Dr. Taba was the Chief Technical Officer of Olivie of America, where he continues to serve on the Board of Directors.  Olivie is a heavy construction machineries company; established in California to expand the Latin American market of the construction industries. Dr. Taba developed the technology requirements and Website as an introductory vehicle to the market, as well as a marketing, customer service, procurement and client service platform.  As a member of the Board of Directors he continues to participate in overall business reviews, strategy and business operations outcomes.

​Dr. Taba was also previously a Principal of Management Services, where he conducted management reviews for businesses in strategic management, Project and Technology Management, Customer Services and Quantitative Analysis; a Project and Quality Manager for CALCOMP – A Lockheed Company. Where he managed, developed and implemented Business projects, schedules, control phases, functions, resources and budgets for projects and department.  

​Dr. Taba holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Management Science Industrial Engineering from the Technology and Science Institute in Tehran, Iran, a Master’s of Science degree in Quality Systems from the University of Dallas in Texas, and a Ph.D. in Management Science and Economics from Dubna International in Moscow, Russia.  Dr. Taba has also completed post graduate studies in Operations and Business Management at Walden University, Quality Technology Administration at Linkoping University in Sweden and Pre MBA in Business Administration at the University of Dallas in Texas.



Business Executive Director responsible for 42 applications (using variety of Web and non-web technologies) in support of Marketing, Sales, Underwriting, Actuarial, Pricing, and Provider Contracting departments at Blue Shield of California and Kaiser Permanente, a non-profit integrated healthcare delivery and medical insurance company.  Kaiser’s revenue is over $40B per year and has a membership base of over 9.5 million across the nation.  

​Mr. Nainavaii supports both IT and business units and am responsible for both tactical and strategic projects.  More than half of his staff is dedicated to providing ongoing maintenance and production supports for all applications under his control, the remaining staff are dedicated to project management, analysis, development, design, and implementation of variety of investment projects for clients.  Mr. Nainavaii also manages 12 vendor contracts valued at $40M per year mostly for the purpose of providing software services, specific application and production support, offshore/onshore staffing in a cost-effective manner.         

​Before Kaiser, Mr. Nainavaii worked for Heath Net, Inc., a large healthcare insurance company, where he  severed as ITG Director responsible for development, delivery and support of several enterprise-wide business-critical Internet and Intranet applications in support of the company’s Marketing, Sales and Finance initiatives.  While at Health Net, he led the development and the successful launch of the award-winning Health Net’s Corporate Web Site, Healthnet.comfor selling to a growing Individual Plan market (IFP) via this web site.   

​Mr. Nainavaii received a master’s degree in Computer Engineering from University of Southern California (USC), an MBA degree from California State University Dominguez Hills (CSUDM) and a bachelor’s degree with honors in Computer Science from California State University Northridge (CSUN).

Jack Bryson Abbott is an educator in both undergraduate and graduate business schools.  He has served for 30 years as Adjunct Faculty of Brandman University in San Diego, California, a Nationally Accredited University. His major areas of instruction are Economics, Strategic Planning, Marketing, Management and Leadership, and the Business Capstone course.  Mr. Abbott previously served as an Adjunct Faculty Member of Argosy University in San Diego, California, and University of Phoenix in Costa Mesa, California.

​Mr. Abbott also maintains a private consulting practice, JBA & Associates, in Irvine, California, with a focus on Faculty Development, Management Development, Change management, and process improvement for increased efficiency and effectiveness.

​He has served as Vice President of Curriculum Technology, a California based curriculum development company for distribution electronically to all devices and school management platforms, including curriculum development, lab kit creation and production, faculty training and development, proforma accreditation applications, process consulting and improvement, school audits and reviews, management development; Director of Managed Services Business Development  for Atex, in Redding, England, a privately held company, exceeding $120 million annual revenues, and the major supplier of publishing software solutions for advertising, content management, and circulation; Vice President Curriculum and Instruction for Kaplan Higher Education in Chicago, Illinois, a Division of the Washington Post Company, and a leading provider of private post-secondary education for vocational education; Vice President Faculty Development for Corinthian Colleges, Inc. in Santa Ana, California (NASDAQ: COCO), a leading provider of private post-secondary education for the full spectrum of education from vocational diplomas to Masters Degrees; and Vice President of The Orange County Register, a privately held Newspaper Publishing Company in  Santa Ana, California.

​Mr. Abbott has also held Senior Level (Vice President/General Manager) positions with South Coast Printing, Inc. / Highlander Printing, a privately-held, rapidly growing $30 million company in Irvine, California; Harte-Hanks Communications/SCA Division, a $65-75 million division of Harte-Hanks Communications, Inc. in Brea, California; and Kimberly-Clark Corporation, a major publicly held Fortune 500 Company with operations in Fullerton Mill, Fullerton, California.            

​Mr. Abbott has completed the Stanford University Freedom Communications Executive Program and the UCLA Executive Management Program, and received a Masters of Business Administration Degree (MBA) from Pepperdine University and a Bachelor of Science Degree, Business Administration (BS) from California State Polytechnic College, with a Concentration in Economics and Mathematics.

(855) 932-2558

hector agosto


With over fifteen years experience in Sales Operations, Sales Management, and Marketing he brings in a myriad of skills, experience, and a proven track record of success.

He has worked in the technology sector with companies such as Oracle Corporation, Nortel Networks, and Send Word Now. With such a strong technology background, Mr. Agosto's goal is to revolutionize the auto service industry with a mobile service platform, new standards of excellence in service, and an integration of modern technologies to enhance the customer service experience.